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ValueMAxess Ltd was registered in 2010 and is one of the longest established proprietor led Market Access and Interim Management consultancies in Europe. The founder, Andreas Guhl, has more than 20 years of industry experience in health care, having worked on Market Access and P&R in Germany, France, UK and Switzerland. Andreas gained its industry experience at Allergan, Lilly, BIOGEN and Medtronic. Andreas also worked as Director Outcomes Research at NHS Innovations London and gave lectures and presentations on Market Access at the University of Lyon and Paris and the European Business School (EBS) in Oestrich-Winkel. Andreas is regularly invited as an expert speaker on conferences around Market Access and as a member of advisory board panels to the pharmaceutical industry. Together with the current Minister of Health, Professor Karl Lauterbach, he is the founder of the “European Journal of Health Economics”.

ValueMAxess provides first class expert services around Market Access at very reasonable fees.
Our clients pay for quality results and not for overheads.

ValueMAxess Ltd

Our services are focused on the German market, but in the last years we have also carried out market access projects in France, the UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Spain with our partner agencies.

We accompany international companies through the entire AMNOG process - from strategic advice on the design of clinical trials, preparation and implementation of G-BA consultation meetings, project management for dossier preparation, price negotiations with the GKV-Spitzenverband as well as arbitration proceedings.

We have been able to gather extensive expertise in this area and have also successfully supported companies that did not have a branch office in Germany.



The following areas can be carried out as an independent project or at the client's premises. We offer full or part-time interim management due to vacancies, absence due to prolonged illness, maternity or paternity leave or temporarily increased workload.


Interim Management

Following areas can be covered:

−   Market Access
−   Organisation and implementation of advisory boards
−   Product- or indication-specific training on Market Access (AMNOG, Health Insurance Systems; Basic Training Healthcare System in Germany etc.)
−   Contract management with statutory health insurance and buying groups
−   Stakeholder Mapping & Management
−   Strategic Pricing und Reimbursement
−   Dossier management (support in dossier preparation). Early benefit assessment (AMNOG) or HTA dossiers
−   Governmental Affairs
−   Life Cycle/ End of Exclusivity Management
−   Health Economics (no modelling)
−   Real World Data


−   Workshops on AMNOG (Basic or Advanced)
−   Market Access for medical devices according to § 37c SGB V
−   Market monitoring and analyses of AMNOG benefit assessments in specific indications or by product group
−   Support or overall management of G-BA scientific advice meetings, including simultaneous translations into English
−   Project management for developing AMNOG dossiers
−   Proof reading of AMNOG dossiers
−   Support in writing AMNOG dossiers with a focus on modules 3 & 4
−   Support in G-BA “written statement process” and oral hearing
−   Strategic advice on Market Access in Germany including the development of value stories


Almost every day, pharmaceutical sales reps are facing questions on health politics asked by doctors. This includes information on the reimbursement of a product, impact on doctor's drug budget, and possible consequences when prescribing a high-priced treatment. Who of the sales force has not heard from physicians : "I can't prescribe your product, my drug budget won't allow it and I possibly get a “regress"?

ValueMAxess offers customised trainings and workshops to support field forces as a competent partner in these questions. Training courses are modularly structured and can also be conducted virtually in order to take up as little working time as possible in the field. They also can be made available as a digital and interactive version for iPads or as an App, e.g. to make good use of waiting times at the doctor's office.


−   History and development of the German health care system from its introduction until today
−   Physicians Associations Systems (KV) in Germany (basic and advanced course)
−   Prescribing hurdles and “regress” - what is the real risk for doctors?
−   Rebate contracts with statutory health insurance and buying groups

Likewise, ValueMAxess offers a wide range of training courses in English on AMNOG (examples):

−   The AMNOG Process (Basic)
−   The AMNOG Process (Advanced)
−   Price negotiation with GKV-Spitzenverband
−   The arbitration procedure

We are happy to discuss special needs with the client!

Market Access Marketing

To ensure that your sales force can focus 100% on the product message and does not lose additional scarce consultation time with the doctor on health politics discussions, we support companies in the development and production of customised information materials for doctors (print or in electronic form). These can be prepared for specific products or indications.

The content of our materials are checked for accuracy by external experts from statutory health insurance funds, medical associations or physician associations (KV).


−   Prescription without risk (product specific per KV)
−   Impact on AMNOG in everyday medical practice (e.g. are products without additional benefit reimbursed?)
−   Prescribing outside the drug budget (Praxisbesonderheiten) – What needs to be considered (KV specific)?

Market Access Communication

Decisions within the framework of benefit assessments or price negotiations for new products require specific communication. This should not be left to third parties, because there are many unanswered questions in this area in particular - among internal and external stakeholders, but also within the medical community. For example, the opinion still prevails that drugs without additional benefit are excluded from prescription and reimbursement. We support companies in designing customised communication via a wide variety of channels, including the sales force.

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Andreas Guhl
ValueMAxess Ltd

Office UK:
20F10, Mereside
Cheshire, SK10 4TG

Mobil: ++44 (0) 7515503193

Office Germany:
Buchenweg 2
72475 Bitz
Phone: ++49 (0) 7431 9717160

Mobil: ++49 (0)151-46418110

Office Norway:
Stor-Ingvalds veg 9
7653 Verdal
(near Trondheim)

Mobil: ++44 (0)7435944334

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